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Career Services

Not for Profit Career Assessment Services uses various accepted career assessment tools to create a clarity and direction, confidence and energy toward a career change or adjustment for the not-for-profit professional. Career Campaign Development involves working with the client to effectively use tools to begin a career adjustment, i.e. resume and cover letter creation, focused networking strategy, practice interviews and a defined action plan. Career Search Process works with clients to achieve a desired position through career search or adjustment and career goals through lead generation, negotiation coaching and strategy. New Position Adjustment provides mentoring services for the client during their first six months in their new position coaching in understanding the new culture and strategies for a successful adjustment in the new work environment.

Career Services

  • Assessment services for not-for-profit career adjustment minded individuals and groups that assists in identifying options and determining the most effective method of creating a plan for your not-for-profit career.
  • Provides career strategy action plans for your result-oriented career search.
  • Guides you through the not-for-profit search process using specialized databases for conducting a wide, yet clearly defined, career search.
  • Tools for organizing and managing your career campaign.
  • Provides "after the move" coaching services.

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